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Boyle Heights

904 S Soto St, Los Angeles, CA 90023
10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday
10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Pioneer chicken Boyle Heights location

Serving Los Angeles
For 60+ Years

Follow the captivating journey through the milestones and cherished moments that have shaped Pioneer Chicken's legacy over the years

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“What a beautiful and amazing trip back in time ”

Everything about Pioneer chicken this place kept up the legacy!  I took the wife her for the first time and I haven't been to one since 1984. And we were so impressed with how well the restaurant was so clean and well kept.  I will and continue to come back a share as much as I can on how great this place it, thank you guys you all did an amazing job!

customer image, Michael
Michael Marquez
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“You must try this chicken”

Always amazing customer service here, and very fast service. The chicken here is pretty damn good, but I come here for the fried fish. It so delicious, and little on the greasy side, and the breading is very flaky and crunchy. The sides here are plentiful, with their spicy rice being one of my favorites. Very clean, plenty of parking, you have some room to dine in. One of my top choices.

image of customer, Roger
Roger Olguin
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“Tastes just like I remember”

Their chicken comes right out of the fryer golden, crispy, and crunchy with a juicy inside. It tasted new yet nostalgic. I can’t quite pin point it, but very yummy.The spicy rice has a good flavor to it. The tiny bits of chicken are a nice touch. The mashed potatoes tasted fresh, and the corn was necessary. Buttery, not salty. Same goes for biscuit. It just melted in my mouth. I ordered an extra side of the gravy to dip the...

image of customer, Jen
Jen Sanchez
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“I would love to go back”

It was clean, Staff was great, and the food was hot and fresh, biscuit were fluffy, the chicken,.. crispy and hot and juicy, the mashed potatoes and gravy were good, baked beans good fries and corn good and hot too. I would definitely go back.Parking: There was parking, lots not super huge, but there is parking. Kid-friendliness: It's family oriented..plenty of booths to sit at and very clean.

image of customer, Paige
R Paige
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“The Chicken was Delicious”

First timer!! 👋🏾👋🏾The Chicken was Delicious ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Fresh, Hot & Juicy 😋😋🔥🔥Literally, True Perfection!!My sides were very Good ...Freshly cooked Fries &The Coleslaw was Fresh n Chill.The Jamaica...Taste Sooo Good 💦Great Service!!Happily Satisfied & FULL 😄😄. Brought back childhood memories. Was very juicy and somewhat greasy. Very reasonably  priced.

image of customer, Terry
Terry M
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“A taste of my childhood”

It was amazing to go back in time and taste my childhood. The chicken is just as good as I remember. The crispy tempura-like batter is unlike any other chain. There are only 2 left out of the more than 300 there used to be. This place is awesome! The service was great. The young lady working the counter was super friendly and helpful.

image of customer, Lucy
Lucy Leon
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“Definitely some of the best fried chicken in all Los Angeles”

Founded in 1961, way before my birth, I have heard about Pioneer Chicken many times growing up in San Diego and know at one point they had 270 locations operating around the southwest including Hawaii, although now it’s down to just two locations left. It’s a part of LA history..

image of customer, Zan
Zan Lee
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“Been coming here for 2 decades”

This place is always consistent with their food, over all the other chicken chains. They are always nice with clean tables and floors. Been coming here for over 2 decades and they never fail me. So of course my experience was well. The only time I wasn't satisfied is when I've shown up before closing and they sold out of chicken, so I got...

image of customer, Julio
Julio Carillo
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“Tastes just like it did in the 70s”

No better place for original Pioneer Chicken! Chicken taste just like it did in the 70's...crunchy and delicious! A must visit if you grew up with Pioneer Chicken. The second you bite into the crunchy's game over! The fries and biscuits were also delicious.Restaurant is and professional service.

image of customer, Jen
Kathie Corl